21/06/2015: 38 bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey: Start time 09:00.
Weather conditions: overcast/misty, sea state 2-3, wind direction SW.
Five bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the survey except in the last 15 minutes, when they left the survey area. They consisted of an individual who foraged at the end of the harbour wall for an hour from 9:15, and then around the cardinal buoy for the last 15 minutes. There was also a group of bottlenose dolphins that started as two and then were joined at 9:45 for 45 minutes by a mother and a calf. They displayed foraging behaviours, as well as breaching and leaping.
2hr survey: Start time 11:00.
Weather conditions: overcast/sunny, sea state: 2, wind direction SW-NW.
Eight bottlenose dolphins

Nothing was seen for the first half an hour. Then for the rest of the survey the same eight bottlenose dolphins were seen, including a juvenile. First as a group foraging on long dives, and then separated into two even groups, again foraging on long dives, which both lost an individual for half an hour. In which time the group came together again to form a group of six individuals, and displayed foraging behaviours including leaping and breaching. When the other two came back in the last quarter of the survey, the mother and juvenile split off from the group and where seen feeding, and then group split equally again, with both groups leaping, breaching and foraging.

2hr survey: Start time 13:00.
Weather conditions: overcast, sea state: 2, wind direction SW.
Six bottlenose dolphins

A pair and a group of three including a juvenile were seen leaping and foraging between the harbour wall and the fish factory. And an individual was spotted between the end of the harbour wall and the cardinal buoy regularly surfacing and foraging. The pair and the group joined together but lost one individual, to from a group of four including the juvenile, further back. They displayed foraging while regularly surfacing. The other individual stayed in the same area and continued foraging but on long dives. The group lost another individual and split into a pair and an individual, and the other individual was still in the same area. All displayed foraging while doing long dives. The three re-joined and displayed leaping and foraging, while the individual was logging. In the second half of the survey, the group left, and the individual was only seen foraging for the first 15 minutes. Nothing was seen for 15 minutes, and then another individual was seen leaping and foraging around the fish factory. It was joined by another individual and they travelled west out the area during the last 15 minutes.

2hr survey: Start time 15:00.
Weather conditions: fair/overcast, sea state: 2-3, wind direction SW.
Twelve bottlenose dolphins

Two pairs of bottlenose dolphins were first sighted off the fish factory leaping and foraging. Nothing was seen for the next 15 minutes. Then a group of three bottlenose dolphins were seen leaping and foraging of the cardinal buoy, while an individual was seen at the end of the harbour wall foraging, for the next 45 minutes. At the start of the second hour another dolphin joined the individual at the end of the harbour wall. The group of three became four and bow rode, and another pair was spotted leaping and foraging around the cardinal buoy. While the other pair remained foraging off the harbour wall. The group of four continued to leaping and foraging for another 15 minutes before leaving the survey area. One of the pair left, as well as an individual. The remaining individual foraged and then travelled rapidly east in the last 15 minutes of the survey.

2hr survey: Start time 17:00.
Weather conditions: sunny, sea state: 3, wind direction NW.
Seven bottlenose dolphins

A pair of bottlenose dolphins were sighted foraging on long dives, and an individual was sighted leaping and foraging, between the harbour wall and the fish factory. The individual was joined by another bottlenose dolphin, the two pairs then foraged in the harbour. They then moved back around and the one of the pairs started rapidly travelling north from the end of the harbour wall and left the survey area after half an hour. Only one of the other pair was seen foraging in front of the harbour wall and stayed there for 45 minutes. Another individual came into the area at 18:15 behind the cardinal buoy, and was leaping and foraging. Another two bottlenose dolphins joined the individuals to make two pairs, which both foraged. In the last 15 minutes of the survey these four animals formed a group of three, which leapt and foraged, and an individual that foraged.