21/06/12: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey: 07:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull; sea state: 2-3; wind direction: SE
Three bottlenose dolphins

Within the final fifteen minutes of the survey three bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling in a easterly direction from New Quay headland.

2hr survey: 09:00
Weather conditions: f/overcast/dull; sea state: 2; wind direction: SE
Five bottlenose dolphins

At the start of the survey three separate bottlenose dolphins were sighted -  two just off the pier and the third towards the horizon in front of the pier. Later in the survey a group of two were sighted just of the pier

2hr survey: 11:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny; sea state: 1-2; wind direction: S/SSE/SSW
Four bottlenose dolphins

Four bottlenose dolphins were sighted towards the cardinal buoy throughout the survey.

2hr survey: 13:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny; sea state: 1-2; wind direction: S/S/SW
Three bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

Two bottlenose dolphins were sighted near the cardinal buoy at the start of the survey and travelled to the headland. A lone bottlenose dolphin and an Atlantic grey seal were then sighted near the pier.

2hr survey: 15:00
Weather conditions; rain; sea state: 1; wind direction: S/SE

No sightings