21/05/2015 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: sunny or fair, wind direction NW, sea state 2-3
One bottlenose dolphin

Halfway through this survey one bottlenose dolphin has been observed far out north, leaping for several times before disappearing past the fish factory.

2hr survey. Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: sunny or fair, wind direction W, sea state 2
Eleven bottlenose dolphins

Halfway through this survey 5 bottlenose dolphins came in from past the fish factory, suspected to be foraging. Then more individuals showed up, in total 11 individuals were seen traveling close to the harbour wall, where after they split up in three different groups. Three individuals, including one calf, were milling around near the end of the harbour wall and two other individuals were milling around near the black cardinal buoy. The remaining six individuals, including one calf, were behaving very actively just north of the harbour wall, including leaps and tail slaps.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: fair, wind direction SW-NW, sea state 2
Eleven Bottlenose dolphins

At the start of this survey the dolphins of the previous survey were still around. Three groups were north of the harbour wall, of which one group was travelling while the behaviour of the members of the other groups were very active, including tail slaps and leaps. Then closer to the wall two groups merged, containing 6 individuals, and started leaping further out, where after they came closer to the wall again, still leaping. In the meantime one individual travelled eastwards, later joined by two other individuals. During this survey another adult and juvenile came into view as previously they were either too far out to sea or foraging at depth. In total 11 individuals were distributed in three groups and were travelling or milling around at the surface. Afterwards one group disappeared and the other two merged, still milling around at the surface, moving slowly from just north of the harbour wall to the cardinal buoy. Another two individuals showed up, travelling with long dives north-westerly past the harbour wall.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: sunny, wind direction NW, sea state 2
Four bottlenose dolphins

During the first hour of the survey a maximum of four adult dolphins were recorded. Originally only two of the dolphins were visible in the survey area. These two dolphins were engaging in mingling at the surface and tail slapping behaviour. During this time these dolphins encountered a visitor passenger boat, which adhered to the code of conduct and slowed down to a complete stop, this encounter had no effect on the dolphins’ behaviour. Two other dolphins then joined this group engaging in the same behaviours. The group continued to engage in the same behaviours but slightly further out to sea until they travelled west out of the survey area towards the fish factory.