21/02/2018: Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Grey Seal & Bottlenose Dolphin

Survey Type:
Land Based Sightings
February 21, 2018
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

Weather Conditions: overcast/fair, sea state1, wind direction NW

Volunteers were lucky enough to catch sight of the Cardigan Bay Big 3 during this morning’s surveys. At the start of the 09:00am watch, a harbour porpoise was immediately spotted off the headland. A total of 5 porpoise were observed in the bay during the first hour of the survey.

At the start of the 11:00am survey, an Atlantic Grey seal was spotted close to the harbour wall.  Later on a bottlenose dolphin was sighted coming around New Quay Head, travelling towards the harbour before heading towards the cardinal buoy.