20/6/13: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey, Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Overcast/ rain, sea state 1-2, wind NW/N
Five bottlenose dolphins

Four dolphins were seen at the start of this survey, a mother and calf milling on the surface close to the wall, one further back traveling towards the West, and another by the cardinal buoy. These were then joined by one more in the next 15 minutes; the mother and calf, still mingling on the surface, moved nearer to the cardinal buoy, the one that was originally there remained, and two others were traveling towards the East, one by the fish factory and another ahead of the wall. After this, the mother and calf were still seen by the buoy, and one of the other dolphins was still traveling towards the East. This dolphin was joined by another and both were seen traveling in the same direction. These then disappeared however, just leaving the mother and calf by the buoy, until later on they were spotted again with one other travelling towards the West. The Mother calf at this point were seen traveling towards the fish factory. Nothing was then seen in the last 30 minutes of the survey.

2hr survey, Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Overcast/ fair, sea state 2, wind No Wind/N

No Sightings

2hr survey, Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Fair/ Sunny, sea state 1-2, wind NW/NNE/No Wind

No Sightings