20/07/2016: Four bottlenose dolphins, three Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time: 10:43
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility 1-10/>10km, light/medium swell
Three bottlenose dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin sighting occurred around half-way through the survey where a total of three individuals including one juvenile was spotted lunging out of the water and wake-riding being the survey vessel. There were also several notable bird observations including sightings of gannets, guillemots, a kittiwake, and an oystercatcher.

2hr survey. Start time: 12:18
Weather conditions: sea state 3/4, visibility >10, medium swell

No sightings.

2hr survey. Start time: 13:56
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility 1-10km, light/medium swell
Two Atlantic grey seals

Near the beginning of the survey two Atlantic grey seals were seen in the water, both thought to be female. There were no other notable sightings for the remainder of the boat survey.

2hr survey. Start time: 15:25
Weather conditions: sea state 3/2, visibility 1-10km, medium/high swell
One bottlenose dolphin, one Atlantic grey seal

The first sighting of the survey occurred about 20 minutes into the survey where a male adult grey seal was seen in the water. As the survey was nearing an end there was a sighting of a bottlenose dolphin about 100m from the vessel travelling rapidly.