19/11/15: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey, start time 13.00
Weather conditions: overcast/ dull with occasional rain, sea state 2 with 4 off shore increasing to sea state 3 with 5 off shore, wind direction W / NW
Six Bottlenose Dolphins and one Atlantic grey Seal

Within the first half hour of the survey a single dolphin was briefly observed about 300 m north of the harbour wall. After a further 30 minutes a grey seal was seen swimming towards Dolau Beach. It was around one hour and twenty minutes into the survey that two dolphins were seen leaping near the Cardinal Buoy and a third dolphin then appeared about 100 m off the harbour wall. This dolphin was joined by two others. A further two dolphins including a juvenile then appeared off the end of the harbour wall. All the dolphins were very active circling fast near the surface with forward leaps. They all then moved North West in the direction of the fish factory and disappeared from sight. In the final fifteen minutes of the survey a single dolphin was briefly seen travelling West past the fish factory.