18/07/2016: 27 Bottlenose dolphins, 12 Atlantic grey seals, 5 harbour porpoises and hundreds of jellyfish

All day survey. Start time: 09:42

Weather conditions: sea state 0/1/2, visibility 1-10km, light swell
13 Bottlenose dolphins, 4 Harbour porpoises and 4 Atlantic grey seals

A Seal was sighted right at the beginning of this survey, with another three individuals which were sighted later on in the survey. Three of these Atlantic grey seals were sighted in the water either swimming or bottling and the other one was hauled out of the water on a rock.

Less than an hour into the survey 9 Bottlenose dolphins were sighted offshore, travelling west, but this encounter lasted almost an hour with some individuals including the two calves bow riding near the boat and tail slapping. Later on in the survey another two were sighted but a long distance away from the boat and were seen quickly travelling in an easterly direction. The last two individuals seen of this survey were near Ynys Lochtyn were a mother and calf were sighted travelling north, but at one point they were very close to the boat! We were lucky enough to also spot Harbour porpoises during this survey, the first two sighted were offshore travelling this was a mother and calf, the next two were also travelling but this sighting was two adults. Several different species of bird were spotted during this all day survey ranging from; Gannets, Fulmar, Manx shearwaters, Guillemots, Razorbills and also three Sandwich turns.

A multitude of Jellyfish were sighted during this survey, a range of Blue, common and lions mane jellyfish were seen, over 500 sightings of compass jellyfish were seen and a few rare comb jellyfish were also spotted showing a beating palpation of a range of colours.

2hr survey. Start time: 10:51
Weather conditions: sea state 1/2, visibility 1-10km, light swell
1 harbour porpoise, 10 bottlenose dolphins and 1 Atlantic Grey Seal

Fifteen minutes into the survey a harbour porpoise was sighted travelling North east, but then was not sighted for the rest of the survey duration. There were four different Bottlenose dolphin encounters one after another during the survey. The first sighting was one individual dolphin foraging with a gannet close by also foraging; the second spotting was of four dolphins including a calf foraging and also tail slapping near Ynys Lochtyn. The next group were also seen at Ynys Lochtyn foraging and travelling north east this was three adult dolphins, the last sighting of dolphins were showing an array of behaviours Breaching, foraging and tail slapping two adults and a calf were spotted. The last sighting of this trip was a seal hauled out on the rocks. Several Compass jellyfish were sighted during this survey.
2hr survey. Start time: 12:53
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility 0-1/1-10km, light swell
Four Bottlenose dolphins and four Atlantic Grey Seals

An hour into the survey two bottlenose dolphins were sighted an adult and juvenile foraging with a gannet also joining in with the foraging behaviour. Ten minutes later another mother and juvenile were sighted also foraging with a gannet. Later on in the survey three individual seals were seen showing a range of behaviours from being hauled out on the rocks, bottling and being in the water.

2hr survey. Start time: 14:55
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility 0-1/1-10km, light swell
Three Atlantic Grey Seals

Three individual seals were sighted in the first half an hour of the trip, the first sighting was spotted in the water, the second sighting was a female hauled out on the rocks and the final sighting was spotted in the water. Around 10-50 compass jellyfish were also sighted on this trip.