18/06/2016: Twenty bottlenose dolphins and six Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time 10:45
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility 1-10km, light-moderate swell
Six bottlenose dolphins and three Atlantic grey seals

On the way down the coast towards Ynys-Lochtyn, one Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the water. On arrival at Ynys-Lochtyn, two bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling and socialising. A further two Atlantic grey seals were spotted in the second half of the survey just off the Ceredigion coastline, one seen in the water and one female Atlantic grey seal hauled out on a rock. On return to New Quay bay, four bottlenose dolphins, among them a mother and calf, were seen just before the end of the survey, leaping and foraging. A peregrine falcon was observed flying above Birds Rock on return to New Quay, as well as a variety of birdlife including fulmars, gannets, razorbills, guillemots, cormorants, and herring gulls.

2hr survey. Start time 12:45
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility >10km, moderate swell
Fourteen bottlenose dolphins and three Atlantic grey seals

About halfway into the survey period, four bottlenose dolphins were spotted foraging off Ynys-Lochtyn. In the following ten minutes, three more groups, encompassing six bottlenose dolphins, were spotted off the coast by Ynys-Lochtyn, foraging, milling, leaping, and bow-riding the survey boat. On the way back to New Quay, three Atlantic grey seals, two males and one female, were spotted in the water over a course of 20 minutes. Shortly before the end of the survey period, two groups of each two bottlenose dolphins were seen off the headland by New Quay bay, foraging, leaping, and bow-riding. Again a variety of birds were observed throughout the survey including a peregrine falcon, a buzzard, great black-backed gulls, gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, cormorants, razorbills, guillemots, and herring gulls with chicks.