17/09/12: Atlantic grey seals and bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey; start time 09.00

Weather conditions: sunny and fair to overcast and dull, sea state: 2 to 3, wind direction; S

One Atlantic Grey Seal.


Seal was spotted next to the harbour wall at the beginning of the survey.


2hr survey; start time 11.00

Weather conditions: sunny and fair to overcast and dull, sea state: 2, wind direction; S/ SW

Three  bottlenose dolphins.


Half way through the survey two dolphins were seen mingling and lunging just out from the fish factory, while another dolphin was foraging at depth closer to the harbour wall. Later the two dolphins began foraging near the fish factory, and then moved over to the Cardinal Buoy, where the solo dolphin continued foraging.


2hr survey; start time 13.00

Weather conditions: overcast and dull with rain, sea state: 2, wind direction; SW

Eight bottlenose dolphins including two calves.


One adult and one juvenile bottlenose dolphin were seen foraging near the Cardinal Buoy for the whole of the survey. Later, two dolphins were seen playing and lunging out past the cardinal buoy. Six dolphins including a calf were then seen travelling towards the fish factory, two of the dolphins from this group split off and began foraging in front of the harbour wall.


2hr survey; start time 15.00

Weather conditions: fair to overcast and dull with rain, sea state: 1-2, wind direction; SW/W

Four bottlenose dolphins including one calf and one Atlantic Grey seal.


Two bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging around the Cardinal Buoy. Later, 1 dolphin was seen travelling along the harbour wall towards the fish factory. Two dolphins were the seen foraging between the harbour wall and the Cardinal Buoy and were then seen travelling, whilst searching for prey towards the fish factory, another dolphin was also seen travelling in the same direction. Three dolphins (later joined by a juvenile) were then seen foraging at depth just out from the harbour wall until the end of the survey and a male Atlantic grey seal was also seen.