17/12/15: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast at start of survey but becoming fair during the second hour, sea state 1, wind direction S.
9 Bottlenose Dolphins including two juveniles

20 minutes into the survey a group of five bottlenose dolphins including 2 juveniles were seen travelling towards the Cardinal Buoy from the direction of the Fish Factory. At about the same time a further two dolphins were spotted beyond the Buoy. They remained in the area for some time taking long dives and foraging at depth. This second group increased in number to four individuals whilst the group of five headed towards the harbour remaining briefly 50 m off the harbour wall before heading back towards the Cardinal Buoy. They were later seen near the reef leaping and mingling near the surface. Other individuals were spotted at various points across the survey area including one that appeared near the harbour wall where it foraged for around 15 minutes. Throughout the second hour of the survey dolphins were continuously present foraging within the area between the Fish Factory and the Cardinal Buoy but numbers slowly diminished. Dolphins were seen travelling west past the Fish Factory so that in the final 15 minutes only three dolphins were observed within the survey area.