17/10/2014 – Bottlenose dolphins and atlantic grey seal

2hr survey. start time 0900
Weather conditions: Sunny/rain, sea state 1, wind SW.
Five bottlenose dolphins

After a quiet start to the survey in the last half hour five bottlenose dolphins entered the bay and began foraging near the cardinal buoy, before travelling with deep foraging dives back and forth across the bay for some time.

2hr survey. start time 1100
Weather conditions: rain/overcast/fair, sea state 2, wind S
Three bottlenose dolphins

Immediately at the beginning of the survey three bottlenose dolphins were seen in the bay, travelling decisively west across the bay towards the fish factory. They then left the bay and the bay remained empty of animals for the rest of the survey.

2hr survey. start time 1300
Weather conditions: Overcast, sea state 2, wind SE
One Atlantic grey seal

In the last 15 minutes of the survey a single Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the bay, north of the harbour wall.

2hr survey. start time 1500
Weather conditions: Fair, sea state 1-3, wind S

No sightings