17/10/10 – 3 bottlenose dolphins and 1 Atlantic grey seal

1.5hr start time: 10:33

Weather Conditions: sea state 2, >10km, swell low.

One female Atlantic grey seal was seen. She was spotted at 11:42 in the water just to the west of new quay headland; she was seen in the water eating fish.

1.5 hr start time: 13:40

Weather Conditions: sea state 1, >10km, swell low.

Three bottlenose dolphins were seen during this trip. An adult was spotted at 13:42 travelling in a westerly direction as the boat was leaving new quay harbour. it could be seen from the boat until just to the west of new quay headland where it was joined by two more dolphins, a mother and her calf, at 13:53. The three could be seen splashing and jumping out of the water. The single adult then stayed foraging in the area whilst the mother and calf started travelling in a westerly direction about half a mile out to sea.