17/09/2017: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

1.5hr survey, start time 10.45
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility >10, light swell
5 Bottlenose dolphins and 3 Atlantic grey seals

The Wildlife Trust Marine life centre conducted the first boat survey trip yesterday since the beginning of the month, due to the past weather conditions meaning the seas were too choppy to view Cardigan bays resident species by boat. This was a successful boat trip both for researchers and the public to view the dolphins. During the first 15 minutes of the boat trip, a curious mother and calf were seen approaching the boat and circled the boat to get a good look. Another pair of dolphins were seen 200 meters away from the boat in the distance shortly after at 11.00am. Near Bird’s rock, Atlantic grey seals were spotted resting on the beach and also swimming in the water. Another sighting of an Atlantic grey seal was observed by viewers on the boat further down the coastline. On the way back to the harbour wall another dolphin was spotted before disembarking the boat.

1hr survey, start time 12.23
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility >10, light swell
6 Atlantic grey seals

On this trip the Atlantic grey seals at Cwmtydu were seen. The three pups had survived the storms and two females together with a third adult were observed.

1.5hr survey, start time 13.50
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility >10, light swell
7 Atlantic grey seals

The seals at Cwmtydu were again spotted on this trip but unfortunately they were disturbed by a kayak. Later a male was seen hauled out on the rocks near Bird Rock.