17/08/15 23 Bottlenose Dolphins, Four Atlantic grey seals, 10 harbour porpoises

All day survey. Start time 09:35
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility >10km, light swell occasionally moderate
23 bottlenose dolphins, four Atlantic grey seals and 10 harbour porpoises

Within five minutes of the start of this survey two bottlenose dolphins, a mother and calf were seen foraging outside New Quay harbour. One minute later an adult and a juvenile were also seen foraging. The next sighting occurred two hours later when one harbour porpoise was seen travelling. Then half an hour later one Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water 450m from the boat. After another half an hour 2 bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling in front of the boat. 30 minutes after this sighting two adult harbour porpoises were seen travelling North at a distance of 500m from the boat. There were three more harbour porpoises seen travelling North East one hour and 20 minutes later and this group consisted of two adults and one calf. 25 minutes later a single Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water 1km from the boat. Two more adult harbour porpoises were then spotted ten minutes later travelling North West 150m from the boat and were quickly followed five minutes later by two more adult harbour porpoises foraging. Twenty minutes later one grey seal was seen swimming directly in front of the boat. 35 minutes after this we encountered a group of 10 bottlenose dolphins travelling, socialising and tail slapping 20m from the boat. The group of ten consisted of seven adults, two calves and one new born. The next sighting was of an Atlantic grey seal in the water 20m from the boat. 15 minutes after this a mother and calf group of bottlenose dolphins was seen foraging, socialising and leaping 500m in front of the boat. Then another group of bottlenose dolphins, consisting of two adults and one calf were seen foraging 50m in front of the boat. Bottlenose dolphins were also the subject of the last sighting of the day. An adult and juvenile were viewed foraging 70m from the boat within the last 15 minutes of the survey.