17/07/2012: Four bottlenose dolphins

1.5 hr survey start time 11.01
Weather conditions; sea state 2 to 3 visibility; 1-10 km; swell; light
One bottlenose dolphin

At the new quay harbour wall on the way out of the harbour one adult bottlenose dolphin was seen 90 degrees starboard 500 metres from the boat.
1.5hr survey start time 12:44
Weather conditions: Sea state; 1 to 5: Visibility >10km, light to medium swell
Three bottlenose dolphins

Three dolphins were seen foraging by the fish factory 90 degrees port, 60m from the boat.
1.5 hour survey start time 14:29
Weather conditions: Sea state 2 to 5; Visibility >10km, light to medium swell

No sightings.