17/05/12 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey, Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull/ fair/sunny, sea state 0-1, wind direction N-SE
Five bottlenose dolphins

The dolphins were present throughout the survey, as the time went by more dolphins appeared.  At first one dolphin was observed close to the fish factory, foraging for food and leaping/lunging. Half an hour later 4 dolphins were sighted foraging by the fish factory and a fifth dolphin was spotted travelling in an easterly direction, foraging briefly beside the harbour wall before travelling on to the Cardinal buoy and foraging over there. Towards the end of the survey three of the dolphins disappeared and the other two stayed foraging and leaping close to the fish factory.

2hr survey, Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny/overcast/dull, sea state 1-2, wind direction N
Four bottlenose dolphins

Two dolphins continued to forage next to the fish factory for the first fifteen minutes of the survey.  One was observed travelling in a south easterly direction before disappearing. A second pair of dolphins one adult and one calf were briefly spotted foraging beside the fish factory.  For the second half of the survey a singular dolphin was viewed foraging beside the Cardinal buoy.

2hr survey, Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull/fair, sea state 2, wind direction NNW-NNE-N
Four bottlenose dolphins

Four dolphins were spotted an hour and a quarter into the survey, they were present for approximately half an hour. An adult and calf were seen foraging close to the Cardinal buoy, shortly after they were noted to be travelling in a westerly direction towards the fish factory. Two singular dolphins were sighted foraging next to the fish factory before disappearing in the last fifteen minutes of the survey.

2hr survey, Start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull, sea state 2, wind direction N-NW

No sightings.