17/04/11 – 17 bottlenose dolphins and 2 Atlantic grey seals

2hr: start time 10:02

Weather conditions: sea state: 0-1, 1-10km, swell light

The first sighting of two bottlenose dolphins, one adult and one juvenile, was at 10:08 just offshore from New Quay headland. They were travelling in various directions and there were three herring gulls associated with them.

At 10:12 there was a sighting of 13 bottlenose dolphins also offshore from New Quay headland. There were seven adults, five juveniles and one new born. They were travelling in a NE direction and there were herring gulls and gannets associated with them.

A third sighting of two bottlenose dolphins came at 10:57. They were seen just offshore from Ynys-Lochtyn and there was one adult and one juvenile.

At 11:13 there was a female Atlantic grey seal sighted swimming offshore from Ynys-Lochtyn and the final sighting came a minute later at 11:14 of a male Atlantic grey seal in the same area also swimming.