16/6/13: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey, Start time: 09.00
Weather conditions:  Overcast/dull; sea state 1-2; wind NW/W/S/SW
Three bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were seen throughout the whole survey, one was initially spotted foraging by the fish factory and another by the cardinal buoy. The one by the fish factory was joined by another and was seen chasing prey at the surface in front of the harbour wall. These moved back to the fish factory whilst the dolphin by the buoy travelled over to them. Not as many were seen in the second hour, one initially by the fish factory, who disappeared for half an hour until two reappeared in the last 15 minutes foraging again.

2hr survey, Start time: 11.00
Weather conditions: Rain; sea state 1-2; wind W/SE/S/SW
Four bottlenose dolphins

Four dolphins (including 1 calf) were seen toward the fish factory, slow circling, mingling at the surface. Then three (including 1 calf) from the same group took long dives, thought to be foraging at depth; began leaping and seemed to be fighting. Two dolphins stayed, then moved in the direction of the buoy. One dolphin was seen circling and milling around at the surface near the harbour wall area. This dolphin was joined in this area by the harbour wall by a group of two dolphins ( including 1 calf) and also nearby was seen a further single dolphin; all stayed milling at the surface.  Four dolphins were then seen together by the harbour wall.

2hr survey, Start time: 13.00
Weather conditions: Rain and overcast/dull; sea state 2, wind SE
Six bottlenose dolphins

Six dolphins (including 2 calves) were seen by the harbour wall travelling South-East, with regular surfacing, all animals were consistently heading the same way and making consistent progress. Three of these dolphins, forming a loose group by the harbour wall were then seen staying doing long dives, thought to be foraging at depth. At the same time, closer to the harbour wall, 3 (including 1 calf) were also seen staying, slow circling, milling around at the surface. Five dolphins , from the same group, remained further back and 1 stayed closer to the harbour wall, for 30 minutes.  Three from the same group were seen taking long dives, thought to be foraging at depth closer to the fish factory whilst one was milling by the harbour wall. Two were seen closer to the buoy taking long dives and thought to be foraging for 30 minutes, followed by fast circling at the surface with tail slaps, leaps or lunges.

The group of three by the fish factory became one and two dolphins moved very close to the buoy, all were taking long dives, whilst one remained by the harbour wall, continuing to mill around. Three dolphins including 1 calf then milled around together at the harbour wall, until one dolphin was seen travelling in a north-westerly direction away from the harbour wall to the fish factory.

2hr survey, Start time: 15.00
Weather conditions: Overcast/dull and rain; sea state 2, wind S/SE
Six bottlenose dolphins

Four dolphins including two calves were seen at the beginning of this survey traveling towards the West near the fish factory. They didn’t go far however, as they were then seen, joined by another mingling about before the harbour wall. They were forming a loose group, two pairs foraging and one traveling leisurely towards the North East. Although only two of these were seen after this foraging by the cardinal buoy, they were soon joined in the survey area by one of the others, all three foraging separately. These all remained in the survey area for the rest of the survey, mostly foraging far back between the fish factory and the cardinal buoy. They were joined by two others in the second hour and then one more, one was seen leaping and tail slapping, whilst the rest were intermittently foraging at depth and travelling around the area.