16/11/15: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey. start time 09:00
Weather conditions: fair mostly with occasional slight rain, sea state 4 easing later to 3 in harbour with 4 off shore, wind direction SW
8 Bottlenose Dolphins

Two dolphins were seen foraging near the Cardinal Buoy at the start of the survey and remained in that area for at least half an hour. After 09:30 a fishing boat was seen returning to the harbour with three dolphins bow riding. They stayed with the boat into the harbour, then turned and travelled back to the Cardinal Buoy. They remained in the area of the buoy foraging for the following 45 mins when at least one was seen travelling towards the fish factory. At around 10.30 five dolphins appeared close to the harbour wall alongside two kayaks. The group included one calf and one juvenile. They were very active with short dives and fast circling at the surface. At the end of the survey period the group was seen dispersing, leaving the immediate area of the harbour wall.