16/08/15: 35 bottlenose dolphins, 5 Atlantic grey seals, 1 harbour porpoise

4hr survey.  Start time 10:00
Weather conditions: sea state 2 to 1, visibility >10km, light swell
18 bottlenose dolphins and 3 Atlantic grey seals

The first sighting for this survey was about five minutes after departure, when a single adult Bottlenose Dolphin was seen off the right of the boat travelling towards the east.  About five minutes later, another lone adult was seen travelling quickly to the east. Then within the next five minutes two more individual dolphins were seen both deep diving whilst travelling fast to the east. Then in the next five minutes two groups of dolphins were seen. The first consisted of 2 adults travelling quickly to the east and the second was made up of an adult and juvenile which were also travelling quickly towards the east. About 15 minutes later another adult and juvenile group was seen tail slapping, staying at the surface and leaping, socialising and in close contact. Then half an hour later a group of two adults and a calf bottlenose dolphin was seen foraging. 45 minutes later the next sighting was of a group of 3 adults and a calf foraging and tail slapping. One hour later an individual bottlenose dolphin was seen 50m from the boat foraging and tail slapping. Then 30 minutes later one adult male Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water 80m from the boat. This was followed soon after by another sighting of an adult Atlantic grey seal in the water 20m from the boat. The last sighting of this survey was of one adult female seal in the water and this was seen within the last ten minutes of the survey.

4hr survey. Start time 14:10
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, light swell
17 bottlenose dolphins, 2 Atlantic grey seals and 1 harbour porpoise

During the first hour, a male Atlantic grey seal was seen hauled out on the rocks, and 11 bottlenose dolphins including 3 calves and a juvenile were seen foraging or travelling west. 7 more bottlenose dolphins including one juvenile were seen during the following hour. They were displaying a mixture of foraging and travelling behaviour, as well as some tail slapping and leaping. One the way back to New Quay, a harbour porpoise was briefly seen travelling by, and a female Atlantic grey seal was spotted on the rocks.