17/07/2016: 30 Bottlenose dolphins, 59 Atlantic grey seals

All day survey. Start time: 10:13
Weather conditions: sea state 1/2/3, visibility 1-10km, light swell
30 Bottlenose dolphins and 54 Atlantic grey seals

Seals were spotted right from the beginning of this survey, with a total of 54 popping up throughout the day. Most were seen in the water, with some displaying “bottling” behaviour- where just the head bobs up and down in the water, thought to be resting behaviour. Some larger groups were spotted, one containing 17 seals, some in the water and some hauled out.

The first dolphin sighting of the date was at extremely close range, with the mother and calf appearing only 30m from the boat. These two were seen foraging and travelling in a south westerly direction. Later in the day two adults and a calf came within 10m of the boat as they travelled east. Less than 10 minutes later another three dolphins were spotted foraging and yet another was seen 10 minutes later. The rest of the trip was crammed with dolphin sightings: a group of four adults were seen feeding on fish and leaping, and two separate groups (one including a calf) approached the boat and began bow riding.

2hr survey. Start time: 12:46
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility >10km, light-medium swell
Five Atlantic grey seals

Shortly after the survey began a young male seal was seen bottling not far from the boat. Two seals were spotted not long after- one female hauled out and a male in the water nearby. Another seal was seen bottling half way through the survey and one more was spotted in the water just before the end of the survey.