15/10/2014- Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. start time  09:00
Weather conditions: overcast/sunny/fair, sea state 2-3, wind SE/E/NE

No sightings

2hr survey. start time 11:00
Weather conditions: fair/overcast/rain, sea state 3, wind E/SE
Five bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

At the start of the survey, one dolphin was seen foraging near the cardinal buoy. More dolphins then presumably joined this individual to forage near the cardinal buoy. Half way through the survey the dolphins appeared to travel off. At the very end of the survey a grey seal was spotted near the fish factory.

2hr survey. start time 13:00
Weather conditions: overcast/rain/dull/rain & showers, sea sate 2-3, wind E/SE
Five bottlenose dolphins

At the beginning of the survey several individuals were spotted near the fish factory. A pair of active animals were see, also near the fish factory. These dolphins remained in the harbour for the majority of the survey, up until the last 15 minutes.

2hr survey . start time 15:00
Weather conditions: rain/mist, sea state 3. Wind SE
Four bottlenose dolphins

For the first 45 minutes of the survey, three dolphins could be seen travelling throughout the harbour, showing active behavior such as tail slapping. The group then appeared to either split up or replaced by different animals, as one animal could be seen foraging by the cardinal buoy and two animals were near the fish factory. A mother and calf group could be seen splashing around near the fish factory and later near the harbour wall. A curious female grey seal was seen at several points later in the survey.