15/05/14: Sixteen Bottlenose Dolphins, Five Harbour Porpoises, Twenty Six Atlantic Grey Seals

8hr 20min survey. Start time 09:22
Weather conditions: sea state 0-2, visibility >10km, light swell
Sixteen bottlenose dolphins, five harbour porpoises, twenty four Atlantic grey seals

At the start of the survey bottlenose dolphins were encountered in New Quay Harbour, with six adults and two calves. They displayed a variety of behaviours, foraging and leaping around the boat. At 09:48 an Atlantic Grey Seal was seen in the water at Birds Rock. Then at 10:53 two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging off Aberporth headland. A mother and calf were also spotted there travelling south-east. At 11:49 an Atlantic Grey Seal was seen hauled out close to Cemaes Head. Shortly after a further seventeen Atlantic Grey Seals were seen at Cemaes Head, four hauled out and thirteen in the water. At least six seals were male and seven were female. Further along the headland another Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water. At 13:00 two harbour porpoises were seen travelling west offshore from Ceibwr Bay. Between 14:38 and 15:18 another three harbour porpoises were seen travelling, five miles offshore between Cardigan and Mwnt. Between 15:21 and 16:01 there were four sightings of solitary Atlantic Grey Seals in the water between Aberporth Headland and New Quay Headland. At the end of the survey four bottlenose dolphins were seen close to Birds Rock, the group consisted of two adults, one juvenile and one calf. They displayed foraging behaviour, and then began bow riding and leaping around the boat.

2 hr survey. Start time 10:45
Weather conditions: sea state 0-1, visibility 1-10km to >10km, light swell
Two Atlantic grey seals

One female Atlantic grey seal was spotted near the second bird colony at the beginning of the trip. Later a male seal was seen in the water near Cwm Tydu.