15/05/14: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: Fair, wind W, sea state 1
Six bottlenose dolphins, one atlantic grey seal

A group of six dolphins, including two calves travelled SE from the fish factory into New Quay harbour. The group split, with two adults and two calves staying just S of the pier and the other two towards the cardinal buoy. The dolphins remained in the area for <45minutes. An atlantic grey seal was then seen in the water between the fish factory and harbour wall.

2hr survey. Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: Fair- sunny, wind N-NW, sea state 1
One atlantic grey seal

One atlantic grey seal was seen NNE of the harbour wall travelling W towards the fish factory.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: sunny, wind W-N, sea state 1
11 bottlenose dolphins, including 3 calves

There were no sightings for the first half hour. Dolphins entered the survey area gradually as two groups of four and five, both of which including claves. Several other dolphins appeared alone or in pairs throughout the survey. The dolphins kept a relatively wide birth of the harbour wall, bar one that travelled within 50m, surfacing regularly.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, wind W-SW, sea state 1
Seven bottlenose dolphins, including two calves

The dolphins split and re-joined into small groups throughout the survey between the cardinal buoy and fish factory. Their behaviour included leaping and some suspected foraging.