15/04/11 – 12 bottlenose dolphins and 2 Atlantic grey seals

2hr: Start time 09:57

Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, >10km, swell light, cloud cover 1-7.

The first sighting of the trip occurred at 09:58, six bottlenose dolphins were seen appearing from near the fish factory travelling in various directions, milling around and in close contact with each other. Two of these dolphins were juveniles. The second sighting occurred at 10.45 just off Ynys Lochtyn. One female Atlantic grey seal was seen swimming 20m from the boat, travelling in a N direction. 

At 10:48 off Ynys Lochtyn, six bottlenose dolphins including one juvenile were bow riding in front of the boat, foraging and playing with jellyfish.

The final sighting at 11:13 was a female Atlantic grey seal swimming just off Trwyn Crou.