14/06/11 – 19 bottlenose dolphins, 16 Atlantic grey seals and 1 harbour porpoise

8hr: Start 09:26

Weather Conditions: Sea state 0-4, visibility >10km, swell light to moderate

The first sighting was off New Quay headland of 15 bottlenose dolphins (11 adults, three calves and one new born) at 09:31. They were seen travelling in various directions, as well as leaping and tail slapping.

The second sighting at 11:10 was of an Atlantic grey seal bottling, with a resting guillemot nearby. This was approximately 10km NW of New Quay headland.

At 11:27 there was a third sighting of a female Atlantic grey seal in the water. There were three gannets diving nearby. This was approximately 15km NW of New Quay head.

A fourth sighting was of one harbour porpoise, at 11:42. This was approximately 16km NW of New Quay head.

The fifth sighting at 14:16 was 14 Atlantic grey seals - five in the water and 14 hauled out, on the N of Cardigan Island.

The sixth sighting was of four bottlenose dolphins - two adults and two calves - travelling slowly W, and bow riding at 14:32, approximately 1km W of Traeth-y-Mwnt.