14/06/13: Bottlenose Dolphins & Atlantic Grey Seal

2hr survey, Start time 9:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny/Overcast, Sea state 2-3, Wind S/SE/SW.
Six Bottlenose Dolphins

Six bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling, making rapid progress west out of the harbour past the fish factory. The sightings were observed as two group one consisting of two adults and the other consisting of three adults and a calf.
In the next fifteen minutes only one single dolphin was seen just off the fish factory milling at the surface.
One single dolphin was then recorded travelling East making progress but long diving foraging on the move, another two were also seen travelling South East.
Two dolphins were foraging at the end of the harbour wall, and a further two foraging between the factory and the cardinal buoy. A single dolphin entered the harbour. Two of the dolphins then travelling and in the last 15 mintutes of the survey just one dolphin was milling at the surface at the end of the wall.

2hr survey, Start time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Fair/Overcast/Sunny/Sunny with showers, Sea state 3, winds S/SSE.
Eight Bottlenose dolphins

At the start of the survey seven bottlenose dolphins were observed staying in the area between the harbour wall and the fish factory. Four dolphins were seen displaying long dive while foraging for food while three of the dolphins were displaying leaps, tail slaps and lunges.
The dolphins stayed generally in the same area for the first hour of the survey, during this time one single dolphin was sighted at the cardinal buoy and a further individual came into the harbour. They were counted as part of the seven at the start of the survey.
During the second hour of the survey the dolphins carried on foraging and staying in the area infront of the harbour wall, two dolphins travelled to the area near the reef and foraged there.
An eighth dolphin was counted 15 minutes into the second half.
The dolphins then split and were seen travelling only three dolphins were counted in the last 15 minutes two together and one single.

2hr survey, Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Fair, Sea state 1-3, winds S/SE/SW
Six Bottlenose Dolphins

In the first half an hour of the survey two dolphins were recorded at the end of the harbour wall where they stayed and foraged. Two single dolphins were then recorded one at the end of the harbour wall and the other in the distance between the fish factory and the cardinal buoy where they carried on foraging at depth.
Six dolphins were then recorded three of which were staying displaying leaps, lunges and tail slaps just in front of the fish factory, two were at the end of the harbour wall foraging at depth and one single travelled between the group regularly surfacing but making progress.
The first 15minutes of the next survey one single dolphin stayed at the end of the wall foraging while two dolphins moved in front of the harbour wall to forage and another two stayed in line with the fish factory mingling at the surface. The same was recorded in the next part of the survey but one of the group of two turned into a single dolphin and the last half an hour no further sightings were recorded.

2hr survey, Start time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Fair-Overcast, Sea state 2-3, wind S/SSW/SW
One Atlantic grey seal.

One female seal was sighted in the first fifteen minutes of the second hour in the water at the end of the harbour wall.