14/04/14: 2 Atlantic grey seals, 1 Harbour porpoise, 10 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey. Start time 10:45
Weather conditions: Sea state 3, Visibility >10km, Light swell.

One Atlantic grey seal was spotted near Cwm Tydu beach in the water around 150m from the boat.

4hr survey. Start time 12:45
Weather conditions: Sea state 3 to 4, Visibility >10km, Light swell

One Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water 2km off Ynys Lochtyn. Later one harbour porpoise was spotted 1km off Llangranog travelling NW. We then saw a Bottlenose dolphin 6km off Aberporth travelling SE and were soon joined by nine Bottlenose dolphins, including one juvenile, 1km further offshore. They were bow riding, leaping and socialising.

1.5hr survey. Start time 16:45
Weather conditions: Sea state 2 to 4, Visibility >10km, Light swell

No sightings.