13/08/11: 22 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey: Start time 09:00

Ten bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the survey. Five bottlenose dolphins were seen in close to the harbour wall throughout the length of the survey. A further pair were seen out near to the fish factory either taking long dives possibly in search of food or milling around on the surface interacting with each other. One bottlenose dolphin was seen for most of the survey near to the cardinal buoy, this was then later joined by another dolphin and both were seen to be foraging at depth. Finally the last bottlenose dolphin was seen not far from the harbour wall and it was seen to be actively pursuing prey at the surface.

2hr survey: Start time 11:00

Seven bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout this survey. Three dolphins were seen out near to the cardinal buoy, often these were seen to take long dives which suggests foraging. Three further dolphins and one calf were seen to be travelling across the harbour out toward the fish factory.

2hr survey: Start time 13:00

Three bottlenose dolphins were observed for the entire survey out near to the cardinal buoy. They were seen throughout to be taking long dives therefore suggesting they were foraging at depth.

2hr survey: Start time 15:00

A mother and a calf were seen at the beginning of the survey foraging out near the cardinal buoy.