13/08/11: 12 Bottlenose dolphins

1.5hr survey: Start time 10:00
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility 1 - >10Km, light – medium swell

Shortly into the survey the first bottlenose dolphin was sighted at the end of the harbour wall foraging. Later two adults and a calf were seen foraging offshore near to the cardinal buoy.  Finally one more adult was spotted on the way back into the harbour, this too was foraging.

1.5hr survey: Start time 11:30
Weather conditions: sea state 2-4, visibility 1 - 10Km, light – medium swell

Two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen in a loose group to be foraging offshore directly out from the harbour wall. Later a further three adults were seen to be foraging slightly east of the previous group offshore from the harbour wall.

1.5hr survey: Start time 14:30
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10Km, light – medium swell
Early on in the survey one adult and one calf were seen foraging a short distance from the end of New Quay harbour wall.

1.5hr survey: Start time 16:00
Weather conditions: sea state 2-5, visibility >10Km, light – high swell

No sightings.