13/06/13: Bottlenose Dolphin

2hr survey, Start time 9:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast-rainy, Sea state 2-4, wind W-SW.
Four Bottlenose Dolphin

A single bottlenose dolphin entered the harbour at the start of the survey, before following the wall around and exiting out of site past the fish factory. A group of 3 dolphins (including a calf) were spotted later in the survey towards the end of the harbour wall.

2hr survey, Start time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Rainy, Sea state 4, wind SW.

Survey called off due to weather.

2hr survey, Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast, Sea state 3, wind SW-SE.
Five Bottlenose Dolphin

Two bottlenose dolphin were seen foraging off the harbour wall. Other individuals were spotted throughout the survey. They were generally associating with the cardinal buoy.

2hr survey, Start time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny-Overcast,  Sea state 3-4, wind WSW-SW.
Two Bottlenose Dolphin

A mother and calf bottlenose dolphin was spotted foraging around the cardinal buoy. They then headed west along the coast and out of site.