13/06/12: Five Bottlenose Dolphins and 18 Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey; Start time: 11:06
Weather conditions: Sea State: 0-2; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Five Bottlenose Dolphins and fifteen Atlantic Grey Seals

Shortly after leaving New Quay harbour a lone Bottlenose Dolphin was sighted, a lone female Atlantic grey seal was sighted shortly afterwards. At the halfway point of the survey near Ynys Lochtyn a large group of fourteen Atlantic grey seals was sighted consisting of females and three juvenile males. Also near Ynys Lochtyn two Bottlenose dolphins were sighted one adult and one calf. Slightly further down the coast two adult Bottlenose dolphins were sighted.

2hr survey; Start time: 14:22
Weather conditions: Sea State: 1-3; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Three Atlantic Grey Seals

Towards Bird Rock a lone female Atlantic Grey Seal was sighted. Almost immediately afterwards another two were sighted and one was positively identified as a female. All were adults and all were in the water.