13/06/12: 17 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey; Start time: 07:00
Weather conditions: Overcast/ dull/ fair/ sunny; Sea state: 1; Wind direction: SW
Five Bottlenose dolphins

Two Bottlenose dolphins were sighted near the cardinal buoy near the beginning of the survey one being a juvenile. Another three were sighted shortly after displaying active behaviour by the fish factory. A dolphin moved towards the harbour wall to join the mother and calf once the boat was gone. Towards the end of the survey this dolphin moved away again travelling in a westerly direction.  

2hr survey; Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Fair / Sunny; Sea state: 1; Wind direction: SSE/S/SSW
Five Bottlenose dolphins

From the start of the survey two Bottlenose dolphins were sighted showing feeding behaviour in front of the harbour wall. A lone Bottlenose dolphin was also seen showing similar behaviour by the cardinal buoy. One Bottlenose dolphin then swam close to the pier before travelling in an easterly direction. A group of three was sighted further from the harbour wall displaying active behaviour. Later just three Bottlenose dolphins were sighted by the cardinal buoy before two split of travelling in a North West direction one of them leaping out the water. Another Bottlenose dolphin appeared past the headland moving in a South Easterly direction. Finally three Bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling towards the cardinal buoy.           

2hr survey; Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Fair / Sunny; Sea state: 1-2; Wind direction: S/N
Six Bottlenose dolphins

In the first fifteen minutes of the survey 4 bottlenose dolphins were sighted including a juvenile near the cardinal buoy. This number then increased to five then six. The dolphins were seen travelling towards New quay headland and were not seen for the second half of the survey.

2hr survey; Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Fair Sunny; Sea state: 3-4; Wind direction: SE/NE/N
One Bottlenose dolphin

In the final 30 minutes of the survey a Bottlenose dolphin was sighted travelling in a south easterly direction from New Quay headland towards New Quay harbour wall. 

2hr survey: Start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Overcast / dull; Sea state: 3-4; Wind direction: N-NE

No sightings