12/11/15: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey. start time 09:00
Weather conditions: sunny, rain at end of survey, sea state 3 to 5 off shore, wind direction SE
9 Bottlenose Dolphins

A solitary dolphin was seen near the Cardinal Buoy at the start of the survey remaining in the area between the buoy and the reef for about half an hour. Fifteen minutes into the survey a group of dolphins was observed off the fish factory foraging at depth. There was significant bird activity within the same area as the dolphins. The number of dolphins increased during the following 15 minutes up to eight individuals including one calf and one juvenile being observed. The dolphins remained within the area between the fish factory and the harbour wall circling with shallow dives, leaps, tail slaps and lunges although the group was split up. The numbers of birds increased and their activity continued to be associated with that of the dolphins. Dolphins remained in this area for the remainder of the survey but with numbers decreasing to three or four individuals for about an hour until then rising again to six dolphins including with one juvenile being present at the end.