12/08/12: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey; Start time 9:00

Weather conditions: overcast/
sunny; sea state 2,wind direction SE S

Five bottlenose dolphins.

Five bottlenose dolphins including one calf seen throughout the survey
foraging at depth and travelling with regular surfacing.


2hr survey; Start time 11:00

Weather conditions:
overcast/fair; sea state 1-2; wind direction E SE

Two bottlenose dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphin mother and calf seen during the beginning of the
survey travellign, foraging at depth and slow mingling at the surface.


2hr survey: Start time 13:00

Weather conditions: fair/sunny/
rain; sea state 1-2; wind direction SE S

No sightings.

2hr survey: Start time 15:00

Weather conditions: fair/ sunny/
overcast/ rainy; sea state 1-2; wind direction SE S

One Bottlenose dolphin.

One bottlenose dolphin was seen at the very end of the survey by the
harbour wall.