12/06/14 – 25 bottlenose dolphins, 5 Atlantic grey seals and 13 harbour porpoises

8hr survey. Start time 09:14
Weather conditions: sea state 0-2, visibility >10km, light swell

Three bottlenose dolphins were seen just off New Quay harbour. Shortly after, a group of 15 bottlenose dolphins, including two calves came right up to the boat, socialising and bow riding, North of New Quay. Later on, two Atlantic grey seals and a group of 4 harbour porpoises were seen South West of Aberdovey, travelling. Another two harbour porpoises, an Atlantic grey seal and 2 bottlenose dolphins were spotted West of Aberystwyth, the bottlenose dolphins were foraging. Five harbour porpoises and two Atlantic grey seals were seen North West off Aberaeron. Two bottlenose dolphins, consisting of a mother and calf, were seen foraging West of Aberaeron. Three more bottlenose dolphins and two harbour porpoises were seen North West of New Quay on the return into the harbour, the dolphins were leaping and traveling.