12/06/12: Nine bottlenose dolphins and five Atlantic grey seals

2 hr survey; Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Sea State: 1- 2, occasionally 3; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Nine bottlenose dolphins and three Atlantic grey seal

Early in the survey three bottlenose dolphins observed leaping off the New Quay headland, with gannets nearby, and a further group of five bottlenose dolphins foraging a little further on, off target rock. Mid survey three female Atlantic grey seals seen in the water between Cwmtydu and Llangrannog. At the end of the survey one bottlenose dolphin observed leaping between Cwmtydu and New Quay headland.

2 hr survey; Start time 14:05
Weather conditions: Sea state: 2; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Two Atlantic grey seals

About 40 minutes into the survey a female grey seal was seen in the water just south west of Cwmtydu and another six minutes later, also in the water nearby at Trwyn Crou.