11/09/2016: 6 Atlantic grey seals, 1 harbour porpoise

2 hour survey. Start time 10.47
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility 1-10km, medium swell, cloud cover 3-5 with glare
1 harbour porpoises and 6 Atlantic grey seals
Early in the survey an adult grey seal was spotted in the water alone, following which two more grey seals were spotted consisting of one male and one female and a pup sighted on Cwmtydu beach. Another female grey seal was spotted entering the water from Cwmtydu beach, leaving a pup on the shore, suspected to be a mother and pup pair. Towards the end of the trip an adult male grey seal was spotted bottling in the water and an adult harbour porpoise was spotted travelling towards the boat before heading in the opposite direction.