11/06/2016: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey. Start time 10:39
Weather conditions: sea state 1/2, visibility >10km, light swell
12 Bottlenose dolphins and 7 Atlantic grey seals
At birds rock, two bottlenose dolphins, one adult and one juvenile, were spotted. They were taking long dives and were thought to be foraging. Towards the end of the boat survey, as the boat was just passing the headland, ten bottlenose dolphins were spotted. There was a group of three dolphins, one adult and a juvenile and were foraging. A few minutes later, a group of seven bottlenose dolphins were sighted, including a calf. They seemed to be foraging but exhibited other behaviours such as milling at the surface and tail slapping. Further, during the survey, a total of seven atlantic grey seals were spotted in the water.

2hr survey. Start time 13:12
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility 0-1km/1-10km, light swell
8 Bottlenose dolphins and 4 Atlantic grey seals
At the start of the survey, four bottlenose dolphins were spotted near birds rock. They were exhibited behaviours such as tail slapping, leaping, close contact and foraging. A few minute later, one more bottlenose dolphin was spotted and it seemed to be travelling southerly direction. Two atlantic grey seal was also spotted in the water near birds rock. About 20 minutes into the survey, one bottlenose dolphins was sighted. It was about 600 metres from the boat. Halfway through the survey, two bottlenose dolphins were observed milling and displaying close contact. Finally, towards the end of the survey, two atlantic grey seals were seen in the water.