11/06/2013: Atlantic Grey Seals & Bottlenose Dolphins

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 11:18
Weather conditions: sea state 3-4, visibility 1-10, medium swell
Two Bottlenose Dolphins.

(Sulaire) Two dolphins, a mother and calf were sighted when returning to the harbour. They were seen in front of the harbour wall travelling west.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 13.00
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3/4, visibility >10km, light-medium swell.
One Bottlenose Dolphin.

(Sulaire) One dolphin was spotted at the start of the survey in the harbour travelling south.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 14.26
Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility >10km, light-medium swell.
Two Atlantic Grey Seals.

(Sulaire) Two single sightings of Atlantic Grey seals were observed, in the water just after Cwmtydu Beach.