11/06/13: Bottlenose Dolphins & Atlantic Grey Seals

2hr survey, Start time 9:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny/Fair, Sea state 2, wind S-SE.

No sightings

2hr survey, Start time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Fair, sea state 2-3, wind S/SE/SW
Two Bottlenose dolphins.

Two dolphins were spotted in the last 30 minutes of the survey, thought to be mother and calf. The dolphins were staying in the area between the harbour wall and the fish factory milling at the surface, with slow circular movements.

2hr survey, Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny/Overcast, sea state 3-4 wind S/SW/SE
Two Bottlenose dolphins and two Atlantic Grey Seals

In the first 15 minutes of the survey a mother and calf were sighted travelling North West out of the harbour past the fish factory where they then stayed, thought to be foraging at depth while displaying long dives. They remained there for the next 15 minutes of the survey but were not sighted again. An Atlantic Grey seal was also spotted in this time close to the fish factory.
In the next 15 mintues of the survey two Atlantic grey seals were sighted in front of the harbour wall.

2hr survey, Start time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny/Overcast, sea state 1, wind S/SE/SW

No sightings