11/06/12: 12 Bottlenose Dolphins and Two Atlantic Grey Seal

2 hr survey; Start time: 12:30
Weather conditions: Sea State: 1-3; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Seven bottlenose dolphins and two Atlantic grey seal

Early in the survey seven adult bottlenose dolphins were spotted foraging and leaping west of New Quay headland.  Two female Atlantic grey seals were spotted separately in the water around the caves between Cwm Tydu and Ynys Lochtyn.

2 hr survey; Start time 14:30
Weather conditions: Sea state: 2-3; Visibility: >10km; light swell
Five bottlenose dolphins

We had two sightings of bottlenose dolphins on this survey.  The first was a group of two adults foraging that we were able to photograph for ID as we rounded New Quay headland.  This was followed by a sighting of two adults and one juvenile foraging off shore slightly further west.