1/08/15 18 Bottlenose Dolphins and 29 Atlantic Grey Seals

8hr survey. Start time 09:30
Weather conditions: sea state varied 1-5, visibility >10km occasionally 1-10km, light swell increasing to moderate.
Approximately 18 bottlenose dolphins and 29 Atlantic grey seals

This survey gave us a total of four bottlenose sightings, five grey seal sightings, a collection of bird life including scoters and a peregrine falcon, and another cetacean sighting that we were unable to identify.
The first sighting was an hour into the survey when a mother and calf group of bottlenose dolphins were seen displaying a range of behaviours including foraging, travelling and a full breach. An hour after this was the sighting of the unidentified cetacean which was followed closely by a grey seal sighting. The next sightings were of two pods of dolphins at the same time- one group contained three individuals, the other had at least 10, three of which were calves. These groups both approached the Anna Lloyd and travelled with the boat bow riding where we were able to do some photo ID. Other behaviours were also recorded including tail slaps and foraging. The next sighting was also of dolphins, this time three foraging animals were seen approximately 300 metres from the boat.
The remaining sightings were of grey seals- four sightings totalling 28 seals, 10 of which were at Cardigan Island. Photo of these animals was also done.