10/07/12: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey: 09:00
Weather conditions; Overcast/dull, sea state 3-4, wind direction; NW
No sightings

2hr survey: 11:00
Weather conditions; Rain/overcast, sea state 3, wind direction; NE-N
One Atlantic grey seal

The female Atlantic grey seal was observed only once throughout the survey about 30m from the harbour wall.

2hr survey; 13:00
Weather conditions; Rain, sea state 4, wind direction; W
One bottlenose dolphin

The dolphin was spotted towards the end of the survey by the harbour, to the right of the harbour wall, the dolphin was spotted exhibiting long dives which indicates foraging behaviour.

2hr survey; 15:00
Weather conditions; Fair/Sunny, sea state 3, wind direction; NW
Two bottlenose dolphins

The dolphins were spotted to the right of the harbour wall and behind the harbour wall in the harbour area, both dolphins were exhibiting long dives which indicate foraging behaviour.