10/06/12: 15 Bottlenose Dolphins, 6 Atlantic Grey Seal, 1 Harbour Porpoise.

2hr survey; Start time: 10.00
Weather Conditions: Sea State: 1-2; Visibility >10km; light swell
Nine Bottlenose Dolphins, four Atlantic Grey Seals, One Harbour Porpoise.

Two Bottlenose dolphins, one adult and one calf were seen foraging 250 meters away from the boat. Five bottlenose dolphins including three adults, one juvenile and one calf again were seen foraging before beginning to tail slap and bow ride the boat. One adult female Atlantic grey seal was then seen in the water, followed by another one in the water a bit further along the coast, during the encounter with the lone female a further two females were also seen in the water. A Harbour Porpoise was seen travelling in a south east direction and passed in front of the boat within 5 meters. Twenty minuets later another mother and calf dolphin sighting was recorded whilst they foraged.

2hr survey; Start time: 12.11
Weather Conditions: Sea State: 1; Visibility 1-10km; light swell
Six bottlenose dolphins, two Atlantic grey seals.

A mother and calf were seen milling at the surface and foraging 180 meters in front of the boat. The calf was very curious of the boat during the encounter coming within five meters of the boat and leaping on one occasion. Further down the coast two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging near bird rock. One Atlantic grey seal was seen 75 meters from the boat of unknown sex, whilst stopped to watch this seal a younger female seal came to within ten meters of the boat. The last sighting was of two adult dolphins travelling south westerly 150 meters from the boat.