10/05/2013: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2 hour survey, Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: sunny, fair, overcast/dull; sea state 3-4; wind S
One Atlantic grey seal and two bottlenose dolphins

At 12:15 one Atlantic grey seal was briefly spotted in the water near the harbour wall. Fifteen minutes later two bottlenose dolphins were sighted just in front of the harbour wall and were foraging at depth. They then moved further offshore to dive and forage west of the buoy area until the end of the survey.

2 hour survey, Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: fair, overcast/dull, rain; sea state 2; wind W
Six bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were observed throughout the entire two hour survey. At 13:00 one group with two individuals were foraging near the buoy zone while another group of two including a calf foraged further offshore. After fifteen minutes the groups joined and travelled westwards together. Another group of two dolphins entered the survey area at 13:30 and were seen foraging at depth in the offshore zone, while the original four dolphins were seen leaping and splashing between the pier and the fish factory. The group of two dolphins travelled westwards and left the survey zone at 14:30 while the group of four remained until the end of the survey travelling and foraging.

2 hour survey, Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull, fair; sea state 2; wind SE/SSW/SW
Six bottlenose dolphins

At the beginning of the survey four bottlenose dolphins were sighted between the pier and the buoy zone foraging while another single dolphin was seen foraging and diving close to the harbour wall. At 15:30 the single dolphin joined the group of four and the group travelled south, surfacing irregularly. Of the five dolphins, one appeared to be a juvenile and one was a calf, staying close to its mother throughout. The group of five left the survey area at 15:45 and there were no further sightings until 16:15 when one dolphin was briefly seen travelling west towards the fish factory. It left the survey zone shortly after and there were no further sightings.