10/04/11: 6 bottlenose dolphins, 18 harbour porpoise and 8 Atlantic grey seals

10hr survey. Start time 08:00

Weather conditions: sea state 0-3, visibility 1->10km, light swell


The first sighting was one adult bottlenose dolphin at 08:19 that was foraging and playing with jellyfish outside New Quay harbour.  The second sighting was five adult bottlenose dolphins sighted at 08:30 just off New Quay headland travelling NW. They were seen leaping and foraging.


The third sighting, at 08:55, was two adult harbour porpoise sighted offshore from New Quay travelling east. Fourth sighting was at 09:04 - two adult harbour porpoise were sighted travelling ENE offshore from New Quay.


The fifth sighting, at 09:12, was three adult harbour porpoise that were travelling ENE offshore from Aberarth.


The sixth sighting of the day was timed at 09:20, also offshore from Aberarth where two more adult harbour porpoise were sighted. They were travelling ENE.


At 09:27 the seventh sighting was one adult Atlantic grey seal was seen swimming on the surface a little further offshore from Aberarth.


Sighting number eight came at 09:40 with three adult harbour porpoise seen foraging and travelling in various directions further offshore from New Quay. A ninth sighting of a single adult harbour porpoise was seen at 10:06 in a similar area travelling WNW.


The tenth sighting did not come until 11:08 when one adult Atlantic grey seal was seen travelling west offshore from Aberdovey. At 11:44 a female adult Atlantic grey seal was seen bottling also offshore from Aberdovey to give sighting number eleven.


The twelfth sighting was at 12:28 a little more inshore off Pen Bwch Point where an adult Atlantic grey seal was spotted diving in a westerly direction.


The thirteenth sighting was of two adult harbour porpoise offshore from Borth travelling in a WSW direction at 14:37. Sandwich turns and kittiwakes were also sighted.


At 14:45 a female adult Atlantic grey seal was sighted also offshore from Borth heading west, which was the fourteenth sighting of the day.


The fifteenth sighting was another adult female Atlantic grey seal seen offshore from Borth.


At 17:00 there was a sixteenth sighting of three adult harbour porpoise travelling NE offshore from Abaraeron.


The eighteenth and final sighting of the day was at 18:09 offshore from Pen Pigyn where two adult Atlantic grey seals - one male and one female – were seen. The female was hauled out on the rocks and the male was travelling west.