09/10/2017: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny, sea state 2-3, wind direction NW

The morning survey had a group of bottlenose dolphins moving around the bay for the entire two hours, they displayed foraging and surface feeding, with fish prey being seen leaping out of the water to escape the hunting dolphins. The dolphins were also spotted interacting with boats with a pair following the wake of a boat all the way from the wall to the cardinal marker.

2hr survey. Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny, sea state 2, wind direction N/NW/W

Throughout this watch an estimated ten different individuals were spotted in the bay, in two distinct groups; the groups, which included at least three juveniles overall, moved between the harbour wall and cardinal marker for the entire two hours while foraging and milling on the surface.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny/overcast, sea state 1, wind direction S

A group of five bottlenose dolphins including three juveniles stayed around the cardinal marker for the full two-hour survey, they displayed milling behaviours close to the survey as well as foraging.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast, sea state 2, wind direction W

The group of five bottlenose dolphins from the previous survey moved from the cardinal marker across the bay towards the fish factory early in the survey. At the fish factory they joined a male Atlantic Grey Seal spotted initially scanning close to the harbour wall before it too moved out toward the fish factory. In the last half-hour of the survey the dolphin group split and three of the group moved back to forage at the cardinal marker.