09/10/2016: 5 Atlantic grey seals and 3 harbour porpoises

2 hour survey. Start time 12:17
Weather conditions: Sea state: 1-2, visibility 1-10km, light swell, cloud cover 7-8 with no glare
5 Atlantic grey seals and 3 harbour porpoises

Just over 10 minutes into the survey 3 Atlantic grey seals were spotted, including one pup. The adult pair consisted of one male and one female with both in the water and the pup hauled out. Another small juvenile seal was identified half an hour later further down the coast showing bottling behaviour. Towards the end of the survey 3 harbour porpoises with one being a calf were spotted from the boat travelling in a westerly direction. At the end of the survey, heading back to New Quay harbour a final adult male seal was spotted in the water briefly.